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A6070A - b2600 Workstation

A6070A - b2600 Workstation
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If your A6070A fails or if you wish to add this system to a current project, contact Vertical Enterprise for a fast and competitive quote. As you may know, HP B2600 servers are difficult to acquire through most reseller channels. However, Vertical Enterprise is not your average reseller. We have the B2600 workstations in stock and our low prices and fast turnaround ensure you'll receive the hardware you need, quickly and for less.
Vertical Enterprise Equipment is Exostar enabled and can sell HP B2600 Workstations to Tier 1 government suppliers and prime contractors. We are structured to sell to such companies as Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter/Textron Inc., Northrop Grumman, Boeing, the United States Government and more. Call 866-934-9714 or email Vertical to speak with an HP representative for details.
HP B2600 Parts
Parts for the B2600 are available for less at Vertical Enterprise Equipment. Contact Vertical Enterprise today and let our HP professionals take care of all your A6070A component needs.


Features Available:

FAN [A6070-62034] Small fan and bracket assmebly - Includes two 60mm (2.36in) fans mounted on a bracket assembly. Mounts to the left front of the chassis assembly
DISK [A4998A] 18GB Ultra2 Wide SCSI LVD hard drive - 10000 RPM, 3.5in form factor, 1.0in high 80-pin SCA connector
[A5001A] 32x-max CD-ROM drive - Half-height CD-ROM drive with ATAPI IDE connector
[A6031A] 36GB Ultra2 Wide LVD SCSI hard drive - 10000 RPM, 3.5in form factor 1.0in high 80-pin SCA connector
[A7853A] IDE CD-RW drive - 24X CD-R write, 10X CD-RW rewrite, 40X CD-ROM read - (Only supported with HP-UX 11.00 or HP-UX 11i operating system)
MEMORY [A4994A] 256MB, 120MHz SDRAM DIMM memory module
[A4995A] 512MB, 120MHz SDRAM DIMM memory module
[A6016A] 1024MB, 120MHz SDRAM DIMM memory module
ADAPTER [A1262A] HP VISUALIZE-FX5 Pro PCI graphics card - 64MB SDRAM memory
[A4982B] HP VISUALIZE-fxe PCI graphics card with 9.5MB of texture memory (24MB SDRAM total memory), 32-bit, 66MHz
MEDIA [8120-8740] Internal CD-ROM audio cable - Has large 4 pin (F) connector on one end. Has large 4 pin (F) and smal 4 pin (F) connector on the other end.
[A6077A] PCI audio sound card kit - Includes the PCI audio sound card, stereo headphones, two sound card to CD-ROM audio cables, and driver software on CD-ROM (for HP-UX 10.20, 11.0, and 11i operating systems)