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Our area of expertise is data center hardware.  If you need a server, upgrade, network appliance for you WAN or SAN, or backup hardware - both disk and tape, please let us know how we can help


Along with knowing the equipment and the industry, we are also a complete functioning business. We warehouse special stock and moving inventory. We have a cutting edge website. We partner with some of the best IBM resellers / wholesalers in the world.  We’re business helping business. 

Quality Driven

We have worked hard to keep our returns to a minumum.  As a result, if you have a return, the volume is so low, you don't need an authorization number - just contact your sales representative.  We will get a replacement coming right away, no questions asked.


To put it simply, we eliminate the extra steps in the distribution chain for you. In many cases, by the time the hardware gets to your dock door, it has seen a price increase often up to 6 or more times.  At Vertical Enterprise Equipment - we ship direct from the manufacturer to our clients - this results in reduced prices and reduced lead times.