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rp4440 - HP 9000 Server

rp4440 - HP 9000 Server
HP Server Specials

The HP rp4440 server can be configured to fit your specific needs.  From a  basic dual core to an 8-way system - the rp4440 is fully able to be configured to you industry's computing needs - and that fits within your budget. 

If your company is in need of either a fully configured HP 9000 server series, replacement parts or components for an upgrade - then you have found your source.
Our low price guarantee ensures that you will receive high quality original components, with a flexible warranty that meets your needs with the lowest possible price (conditions).
Do not hesitate to call us toll free at 866-934-9714, or create your machine configuration online (select the "Add Features" tab above), or you can even chat live online.
If you do not need to purchase hardware - but merely have pricing, availability or configuration questions - Please do not hesitate to contact us in the way most convenient to you.  We are glad to answer any questions you have.
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Features Available:

DISK [AD186A] 36-GB 15K RPM Ultra320 SCSI Low Profile Hot Plug drive1
[AD187A] 73-GB 15K RPM Ultra320 SCSI Low Profile Hot Plug drive1
[AD206A] 146 GB 10K RPM Ultra320 SCSI Low Profile Hot Plug drive1
[AD263A] 300 GB 10K RPM Ultra320 SCSI Low Profile Hot Plug drive1
MEMORY [A7128A] 1GB DDR memory quad (4x256MB DIMMs)
[A7129A] 2GB DDR memory quad (4x512MB DIMMs)
[A7130A] 4GB DDR memory quad (4x1GB DIMMs)
[A7131A] 8GB DDR memory quad (4x2GB DIMMs)
[AB560A] 16-GB DDR memory quad (4x4 GB DIMMs)
ADAPTER [A3739B] PCI 1 port Universal FDDI
[A5230A3] PCI 1 port 10/100Base-TX
[A5506B3] PCI 4 port 100Base-T
[A5513A] PCI 1-port ATM 165 Mb/s Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF)
[A5783A] PCI 1 port 802.5 Token ring 4/16/100 Mb/s
[A5838A] PCI 2 port 100Base T/ 2 port Ultra2 SCSI
[A6386A] PCI Hyperfabric2 Fiber Adapter
[A6748A] PCI 8-port Terminal Multiplexer
[A6749A] PCI 64-port Terminal Multiplexer
[A6795A] PCI 2-Gb Fibre Channel
[A6825A] PCI 1 port 1000Base T (gigabit copper)
[A6826A] PCI-X 2 channel 2 GB/s Fibre Channel
[A6828A3] PCI 1 channel U160 SCSI
[A6829A3] PCI 2 channel U160 SCSI
[A6847A] PCI 1 port 1000Base SX (gigabit fiber)
[A7011A] PCI-X Dual port 1000Base-SX
[A7012A] PCI-X Dual port 1000Base-T
[A7173A] Dual channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter
[A9782A] PCI-X 2 GB Fibre Channel, 1000Base-SX
[A9784A] PCI-X 2 GB Fibre Channel, 1000Base-T
[A9890A] PCI-X 2 channel Smart Array 6402 128 MB (not supported in SEU 2)
[AB290A] PCI X 2 port 1000Base T/2 port Ultra320 SCSI
[AB345A] PCI-X 2 port 4X Fabric (HA and DB) Adapter2
[AB378B] PCI X 266 MHz 1 channel 4 Gb/s Fiber Channel
[AB379B] PCI 2-port 4-GB Fibre Channel
[AB399A] PCI -X 24 port 4x Fabric Copper Switch
[AB465A] PCI-X 2 port 2GB FC/2 port 1GB Ethernet
[AB545A] PCI-X 4 port 1000Base-T Gigabit Adapter
[AD193A] PCI-X 4 GB Fibre Channel, 1000Base-T
[AD194A] PCI-X 2 port 4GB FC, 2 Port 1000Base-T
[AD278A] PCI 8 port Serial MUX Adapter
[AD279A] PCI 64 port Serial MUX Adapter
[AD280A5] 16-port RS-232 RJ45 Port Module
[AD281A6] 16-port RS-232 DB25 Port Module
[AD331A] PCI-X 1000Base-T
[AD332A] PCI-X 1000Base SX
[AH391A] PCI AMD Radeon 7000 Graphic Adapter
[J3525A] 2-port Programmable Serial Interface (PSI) X.25/Frame Relay/SDLC
[J3526A] 4-port Programmable Serial Interface (PSI)
MEDIA [A7163B] DVD Read Only Drive
[AB349B] DVD+RW Optical Drive2