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International Shipping

Nearly 50% of our business is international. Don't allow your shipment be held up by a logistics department that is not familiar with shipping worldwide. We ship internationally every day.

IBM Banding

Want to be sure that your IBM pSeries and RS6000 equipment is eligible for IBM maintenance the second it hits your receiving doors? We are able to contact IBM to come to the Vertical Enterprise Equipment facility to put the official IBM seal on the package. When the system or component is "un-banded" on the client side by your IBM service technician - it is guaranteed eligible to go under your existing IBM maintenance contract.

System Configuration

Do you need a completely configured and tested IBM pSeries and RS6000 server, workstation or storage component? Vertical Enterprise Equipment's highly skilled technicians will configure your system and put it through a rigorous work out to ensure that it is ready for a software load upon receipt.


We have a multi-level warranty program.  For wholesale clients we offer the industry standard 30-day warranty.  For our standard end users, we offer 1-year on most products.  For those that choose to self maintain, ask us about our special stock program or the extended 3-year warranty.